Welcome To My Writing Blog!

Hello, welcome to my writing blog!

As you may already know, I’m a writer.
And if you didn’t already know:

Hey! I’m a writer. I wrote a NA novel called Bewilderments of the Eyes, and I encourage you to check it out!

Cool, now that we’re all caught up…
I am going to attempt the blogging thing. I say, “attempt” because I have tried blogging (and vlogging) several times in the past, and it was always a raging failure of an endeavor. I didn’t have the drive and discipline, and I didn’t have the right content.

But things are different now. A lot has gone down in the past year alone, and I’m now a thousand times more comfortable in my own skin than I was the last time I tried to become a famous blogger. I know what I’m about now. I know why I’m blogging now. And that Big Why is this: I want to share and trade information with fellow story lovers. I want to grow as a writer, and I want to be a part of a community of others who want the same.

So, some things you’ll find on my writing blog:

  • Thoughts on the writing and publishing process
  • Personal narratives or prose, experimental prose
  • My own experiences with writing and publishing
  • Book reviews and recommendations
  • Writer Lifestyle posts
  • Self-promotion. (Sorry, but your girl’s just tryin’ to be heard.)

I’m not going to promise a content schedule just yet. My goal right now is to get a selection of content written and feel it out.
I will, however, promise to try and post somewhat consistently.

I do want to emphasize that I view this blogging endeavor as a collaborative, and participatory channel. My overall goal is to learn and expand, not just in writing but in life. So by all means, please reach out! I want all of your tips and personal stories and questions and thoughts and I want to hear about your goals and accomplishments. Read a great book recently? Tell me about it! Stuck on a chapter of the book you’re currently writing? I’ve been there! Let’s hash it out. In the process of editing and feel like whining about it? I would be more than happy to attend that pity party.
And, since I’m just starting out, let me know about your own experience with blogging! Got tips (and maybe some encouragement…) for me? Which of your posts is your favorite, or most successful? Do you regret any of your posts? Have you chosen a niche and stuck with it, or has your blog undergone drastic transformations? Do you even believe in niches at all?

Feel free to comment on this (and all) posts, or visit my contact page for more ways to get in touch!

There’s so much to talk about. So, lets.

The End

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