#TBT – My Launch Party!

June 4 of this year was the launch party for the release of Bewilderments of the Eyes! It was such a fun night, and so many people came out to celebrate two years of hard work with me.

I’m going to be sharing a separate post (or two) regarding my launch party in the future, but for #tbt today I wanted to share the footage my sister captured from that night. She did such an amazing job documenting everything despite having terrible lighting to work with (I apologize for the quality of this video)!

That night went by so quickly and in such a blur! I wish I had more time to really take it all in. Thank you to everyone who came out to support and party with me!

Keep an eye out for future posts detailing the night and what went into its preparation. In the meantime, if you have a launch party experience to share please do! Link me to your posts or videos or photos!

The End,

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