Book Review Blast! 2

Book reviews are critical for authors, and they really do mean so much. As much as we love five-star love letters posted to our books’ Amazon page, critical reviews are extremely valuable as well! Reviews not only influence an author’s rank on Amazon and whether or not another customer purchases […]

Passages From My Old Book Review Journal!

Before I discovered Goodreads, I kept all of my thoughts and reviews on the books that I read in this journal that my mom got me. I filled most of the pages and I took it super seriously-writing my thoughts as soon as I finished a book and trying to be as eloquent as possible, noting the pages I marked for quotes- but it’s safe to say that I wasn’t the best book critic.

In this video I share just a few of the reviews I wrote years ago. If you’ve read any of these books, let me know your thoughts! What did you think when you first read it, and what do you think now that time has passed since finishing it?

A Brain’s Betrayal

How many times have you fabricated a conversation in your head, planned how you wanted a situation to go, only to have the other side of that conversation not be able to read your mind and follow the script you so carefully drafted? How many times have you watched your […]

Cold Sober Cover Reveal + Pre-sale Kickoff!

Pre-sale for Cold Sober begins¬†tomorrow! That means that today you get to see the cover! This book of love poems is split into three sections with an intro and outro. The transformation throughout the different groupings is one that I experienced on a deep, baffling, and soul-altering level, and I […]


You read it right, I’ve got a new book coming out! Cold Sober This is my debut into the poetry world, and I could not be more excited (and nervous)! Cold Sober is a collection of poems focused on the apprehensions of falling in love, learning to trust and accept […]

Proofreading and Editing Services-That You Can Afford!

Hi everyone! As a writer I know how important the editing process is. Unfortunately, I also know how grueling and tedious the editing process can be. A good editor is usually very expensive–but you often need to have your project edited multiple times. That can really add up. When I […]