The Art of the Book Launch Party

how to throw a book launch party




The Art of the Book Launch Party

Sharing a story is something magical, and it is no small feat. This eBook will guide you through the party planning process in a way that makes your book launch worthy of what you’ve accomplished!

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  • What Kind of Party Do You Want To Throw?
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The Art of the Book Launch Party Contents

Split into 4 chapters: Pre-Planning, Planning, Approaching Party Time, & Party Time:

  • What Kind Of Party Do You Want To Throw? 
  • The Timeline
  • Constantly Check Your Wallet
  • Make It Relevant (Don’t Let Them Forget About Your Book)
  • The Venue 
  • Will There Be Cookies?
  • I’m On The List
  • Recruits
  • Advertising
  • Organization
  • The Night Before
  • Party Etiquette
  • Post Party

Each section contains a subsection titled Let’s Talk About Me in which I share the decisions I made for my own book launch party and whether or not those tactics worked for me. My aim with these sections is to help you  learn from my mistakes and also have the option to pick my brain and jog your own ideas!

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