Thank You’s and Mentions

Thank You’s

Mom and Dad,
For all the support and unconditional love, even when I’m stubborn and sassy.

For laughs and dance parties and compassion and winning “best sister” award.

For my favorite memories, loyalty, faith, patience, and being the most genuine human being.

The Larsons,
For letting me be a part of your beautiful family and filling my heart with warm fuzzies.

Honorable Mentions
Christa Holland of Paper and Sage Design
For being so enjoyable and easy to work with, and for creating the perfect cover for my story. 
Taylor Morris
For her sharp eye, literary expertise, and for somehow making the editing process enjoyable and more gratifying.

Giselle of Xpresso Book Tours
For organizing such a successful cover reveal for Bewilderments, and for making querying for reviews ridiculously simple.

Mercy Pilkington at Author Options
For her incredibly helpful and encouraging critique and feedback, and for the extremely fast turnaround time.

Marley Gibson
For being an absolute lifesaver in formatting my manuscript into a professional-looking novel.